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Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:30 pm
by philjharrison
Be aware of the following:
You will go into Restricted Mode. This is due to the influx of Russian Spammers and Nigerian Con Artists I have been getting.

You will receive a PM which requires a response in 5 days or be banned permanently unless you or your author contacts me via Facebook/Twitter. If your IP is unique, your IP will be banned. I can ban forever, spammers. :D It isn't a hard question but you must answer.

THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR ANY INFRACTION OF THAT. NO APPEAL. There is a difference between playful flirting and hitting on someone. Do NOT cross that border.

At some point, I will be altering the main file on the server so some countries's IPs are auto banned from some countries. IF you are clipped by accident on this, please contact me on FB or Twitter.