How to add a picture to your post.

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How to add a picture to your post.

#1 Post by philjharrison » Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:40 pm

At the bottom of your post box you can type into, you will see a blue icon with a P in it. Beside that are the words Add image to post. This makes it really easy. Note: Click on the image to see the larger size.

Click on that. You will see:

notice that it has a resize my image at the top. click it and pick the size you want. DO NOT USE Monitor sizing. That is for your wallpaper on your computer and is much too large for this. The Message board one will be huge and perhaps hard to see because we may have to scroll. The website/email is the one I am using for this.


When you do this the picture will upload here. And you will see this code in your post:


DO NOT DELETE ANY OF IT. DO NOT CHANGE IT. Instead, if you need to move it, copy/cute then paste the whole thing from the between the first bracket and the last bracket [and include them]. Do make sure to delete the original code or you will have two pictures. Put it anywhere in your post you need it to go.

To see what the post will look like with those sizes, click preview. If it is good. Click submit. If it isn't, you can go back and change the sizes by reuploading the picture with a different size. Simply move the code to the right location once it is on your post.

When you submit the post, you will have photos. Just like I did on this one.

Board God aboard.

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