How to do a Link in your post.

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How to do a Link in your post.

#1 Post by philjharrison » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:19 pm

When you use the link button, you will see something like this:

Now what the devil do you do to it to get a pretty link like this one:

Image [click on picture to see larger size]

When you view the post, the pretty link looks like this: [click on picture to see larger size]


To do this, you need to fine the URL of what you want to post. In this case, I used the link to a page that lists all the places I have the book for sale. If you want to make a pretty link, you can either highlight the words you want to link or create one from scratch. Flat out, the Highlight method is the easiest.


A. Click the link button. Now, inside the first Url. Behind that add an = . After that paste the address you copied. make sure the bracket is at the end. It should look like this [click for larger image[:


B. Now you are going to add the next part right behind that bracket. The words everyone will see. In this case it is "Present Uncertain has been released."


C. Make sure that you leave the last set of brackets with the /url in it behind those words. You have your link and you can continue creating your post.

D. You have a link. Post, preview or continue writing.


Highlight the words you want to use for a link. Click the link button. Now place the = sign and add URL as in step A above.

Done. Post link, preview or continue wiring.

After you create your post, submit or preview. And you should have your link. It should look like this:

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